The Badminton Shuttle Feeder gives
trainers and players new possibilities
to raise the level of professional
badminton training.
The Feeder is excellent for all types
of multi-feeding, match sequences and
will open a new side of defensive training
that improve the player’s reaction time.
In addition, it gives more time for player
analysis, possibilities of measuring the players
condition, precision and speed objectively.

The Feeder requires an external air-compressor.

There is highly recommended to use the special
designed Frame to get full use by the Feeder.

Technical facts:
Dimensions (approx):

Main electricity supply:


Capacity of magazine:

Direction of shuttlecock:

Angle of shuttlecock:

Length adjustment:

Adjustment of speed:
Training programs:

Repeat function:

Interval function:

Operator terminal:

Modem communication:

Height = 70 / 110 cm (with magazine)
Width = 84 cm
Depth = 60 cm
Weight = 65 kg
220 VAC, 50 Hz, 10 Amp
(Others on request)
180-200 litre/min at 6 bar
Work pressure 9-11 bar
72 Shuttlecocks
Automatic magazine, easy to reload while the
Feeder is running for none-stop feeding
Long forehand
Long backhand
Short forehand
*Short middle forehand
*Short middle backhand
Short backhand
High 1
High 2
High 3
Flat 4
Smash 5
Manual pressure regulator for short shuttles
Manual pressure regulator for long shuttles
Maximum 1,1 second up to 4 seconds between shuttles.
Step of 0,1 seconds (1,1 up to 4 seconds)
50 or more preprogrammed, trainers can make and
save new programs.
The producer can change or/and load new programs
even after delivery (modem communication).
Length and speed are not connected to the programs
which mean that players can use the same program
independent of their skills by setting the
speed and length of shuttles.
Yes, can be used on every program for
none-stop feeding.
Yes, can be used on every program.
Easy settings of number of shuttles
and time of break.
The Feeders operator terminal in combination with the
intelligent software makes the Feeder easy to use.
All settings and programs are stored in the terminal.
New programs can be made and stored.
In addition, it also can display:
- Help for the active menu
- Statistics and information regarding the Feeders condition.
The top model of the Feeder is equipped with
The producer can connect to the Feeder by a
telephone line for future update of
software and training programs.